Deus Ex (video game)

2000 video game
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Deus Ex is a video game available on the personal computer. It is a first person shooter. The game is about a conspiracy in the future that involves the Illuminati and artificial intelligence.

The player plays as J.C. Denton, a cyborg who has to deal with problems like robots, men, and bombs. Denton has a brother and many employers. He has skills in the game that increase when goals are completed. For instance, if he needs to sneak up on men in the Army, the player might use a ventilation shaft and gain extra points, which can then be used like money to buy better aim with a pistol.

Deus Ex came out in 2000. It tried to say things about philosophy, knowledge, terrorism, and other things, much like The Matrix. It is widely regarded as one of the best computer games and video games of all time[source?].

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