Diabolus in Musica

Slayer album

Diabolus in Musica is the seventh studio album by American thrash metal band, Slayer. Diabolus in Musica was released on June 9, 1998 through American Recordings.[1]

Diabolus in Musica
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 9, 1998 (1998-06-09)
StudioOcean Way Recording and Hollywood Sound, Los Angeles
ProducerRick Rubin
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Undisputed Attitude
Diabolus in Musica
God Hates Us All
Singles from Diabolus in Musica
  1. "Stain of Mind"
    Released: September 30, 1998

The album peaked at #31 on the Billboard 200.[2]

It is considered to be Slayer's most experimental album with most of the album's content written by guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Hanneman described writing for the album as, "When we were writing this album I was looking for something to beat; I wanted something to beat, but nothing impresses me right now. Nothing sounded really aggressive or heavy enough to inspire me to beat it, so I just had to come up with my own shit."[3]

Vocalist Tom Araya had concerns over the lyrics that guitarist Kerry King gave to the song "In the Name of God". King said; "It's like, 'C'mon, man, you're in Slayer. You're the antichrist — you said it yourself on the first album!' You can't draw the line like that. Whether he agrees with it or not, he didn't write it — I wrote it. So you have to say, 'Well, it's just a part of being in this band.' Now Jeff and I, we don't give a fuck. If Jeff wrote something I had a problem with, I would never even raise a fucking finger. I'd be like, 'Fuck yeah, let's do it! Gonna piss someone off? Alright!'"[4]


No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Bitter Peace"  Jeff HannemanHanneman 4:32
2. "Death's Head"  HannemanHanneman 3:34
3. "Stain of Mind"  Kerry KingHanneman 3:24
4. "Overt Enemy"  HannemanHanneman 4:41
5. "Perversions of Pain"  KingHanneman 3:33
6. "Love to Hate"  Hanneman, KingHanneman 3:07
7. "Desire"  Tom ArayaHanneman 4:19
8. "In the Name of God"  KingKing 3:40
9. "Scrum"  KingHanneman 2:16
10. "Screaming from the Sky"  Hanneman, King, ArayaHanneman 3:12
11. "Point"  KingHanneman 4:11
12. "Wicked"  Araya, Paul BostaphHanneman, King 6:00
13. "Ungarded Instinct"  KingHanneman 3:42

Japanese editionEdit

  • The Australian edition of the album does not feature track #8
No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Bitter Peace"  HannemanHanneman 4:32
2. "Death's Head"  HannemanHanneman 3:29
3. "Stain of Mind"  KingHanneman 3:24
4. "Overt Enemy"  HannemanHanneman 4:41
5. "Perversions of Pain"  KingHanneman 3:30
6. "Love to Hate"  Hanneman, KingHanneman 3:05
7. "Desire"  ArayaHanneman 4:19
8. "Unguarded Instinct"  KingHanneman 3:42
9. "In the Name of God"  KingKing 3:38
10. "Scrum"  KingHanneman 2:18
11. "Screaming from the Sky"  Hanneman, King, ArayaHanneman 3:12
12. "Wicked"  Araya, Paul BostaphHanneman, King 6:00
13. "Point"  KingHanneman 4:12


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