Division of Lalor

Australian federal electoral division

The Division of Lalor is a Federal Electoral Division for the Australian House of Representatives in the state of Victoria. It is located in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne. It includes the suburbs of Werribee, Point Cook, Laverton, Rockbank and Melton.

Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Lalor (green) in Victoria
MPJoanne Ryan
NamesakePeter Lalor
Area991 km2 (382.6 sq mi)
DemographicOuter Metropolitan

The Division was drawn up on 11 May 1949, for the 1949 Federal election. It was named after Peter Lalor, the leader of the miners at the Eureka Stockade, and a former member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

Members change

Member Party Term
  Reg Pollard Labor 1949–1966
  Mervyn Lee Liberal 1966–1969
  Jim Cairns Labor 1969–1977
  Barry Jones Labor 1977–1998
  Julia Gillard Labor 1998–2013
  Joanne Ryan Labor 1998–2013

Barry Jones was the Minister for Science under Bob Hawke and Labor National President. Jim Cairns, was the Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister under Gough Whitlam. As Julia Gillard was Deputy Prime Minister prior to becoming Prime Minister, Lalor is the only federal electorate to have been held by two Deputy Prime Ministers.

Election results change

2022 Australian federal election: Lalor[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labor Joanne Ryan 39,047 44.11 −7.47
Liberal Ravi Gaddipati 22,083 24.95 −5.13
Greens Jack Boddeke 9,192 10.38 +2.41
United Australia Juanita Paterson 6,340 7.16 +2.27
One Nation James Ingarfill 3,489 3.94 +3.94
Liberal Democrats Patrizia Barcatta 3,403 3.84 +3.84
  United People's Party Aijaz Moinuddin 2,535 2.86 +1.72
Victorian Socialists Claudio Uribe 1,482 1.67 +1.67
Australian Federation Peter Malliaros 951 1.07 +1.07
Total formal votes 88,522 93.90 −1.62
Informal votes 5,752 6.10 +1.62
Turnout 94,274 88.15 −0.62
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Joanne Ryan 55,613 62.82 +0.36
Liberal Ravi Gaddipati 32,909 37.18 −0.36
Labor hold Swing +0.36

References change

  1. Lalor, VIC, 2022 Tally Room, Australian Electoral Commission.

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