paste used in cooking

Dough is a thick, malleable and sometimes elastic paste made out of flour by mixing it with a small amount of water. Dough can be used to make bread, pastries, cookies, muffins, and other foods.


In many parts of central India, people use the quick method of making an instant roasted dough ball or baati. Flat, unleavened breads known as roti, lavash, yufka, matzo, and tortilla are used in many parts of the world today.

Leavened dough, made from dry, ground grains mixed with water and yeast, is used all over the world. It includes all kinds of breads made from wheat, maize, rice and other grains or similar crops used today in the world.

Fried dough foods are common in many cultures. In the United States, "elephant ears" is a common name for fried dough.

In slang, dough is money.