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Drake & Josh was a Nickelodeon television series. It started in January 2004 and ended in September 2007. The stars of the series are Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The two appeared as best friends on The Amanda Show. In Drake & Josh, they play step-brothers of separate parents. The overall story of the show was to show how Drake & Josh, two people with completely different ways of life, come together through their parents' marriage, and trying to avoid getting pranked by their little sister Megan Parker (Miranda Cosgrove).

Drake & Josh
Created byDan Schneider
StarringDrake Bell
Josh Peck
Miranda Cosgrove
Nancy Sullivan
Jonathan Goldstein
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English (Drake and Joshian Dialect), Multilingual
No. of episodes57 including the TV Movie:
Drake and Josh Go Hollywood and Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh
Executive producer(s)Dan Schneider
Running time25 minutes
Original networkNickelodeon
Original releaseJanuary 11, 2004 –
September 16, 2007
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Other stars of the show include Nancy Sullivan, who also starred on The Amanda Show.


Main castEdit

Actors/actresses Characters Appearances in other shows created by Dan Schneider
Drake Bell Drake Parker Bell plays the step-brother to Josh. Drake is known as a socially outgoing person, having a lot of friends, and girlfriends. He is often the target of pranks by his younger sister Megan, and is her brother and the son of Audrey Parker.
Josh Peck Josh Nichols Peck plays the step-brother to Drake. He is a shy teen, which is completely different to Drake who is an outgoing, social person. He is the son of Walter, and step-son of Audrey.
Nancy Sullivan Audrey Parker Nichols Sullivan plays the mother of Drake and Megan Parker. She is married to Walter Nichols, and has Josh Nichols as a step-son.
Jonathan Goldstein Walter Nichols Goldstein plays the father to Josh Nichols, and husband to Audrey Parker. He is the step-father to Drake and Megan.
Miranda Cosgrove Megan Parker Cosgrove plays the little sister to Drake & Josh. She is known to play pranks on them, and just making their days harder.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Actors/actresses Characters Minor Characters
Alec Medlock Craig Ramirez Medlock appears in iCarly at Webicon, and was a host of All That in 2005
Scott Halberstadt Eric Blonowitz Halberstadt appears in iCarly at Webicon.
Allison Scagliotti Mindy Crenshaw Scagliotti plays Mindy, a long-time girlfriend to Josh Nichols.
Yvette Nicole Brown Helen Dubois Brown plays Drake & Josh's boss, the manager at The Premiere theater where they worked.
Jerry Trainor Crazy Steve Trainor plays Crazy Steve, one of Drake & Josh's co-workers that was known to be a little unpredictable, and thought to have a mental illness.
Jake Farrow Gavin Mitchell Farrow played Gavin, one of Drake & Josh's co-workers, who seemed to always embarrass the two.

Theme SongEdit

The start of each episode uses a song called "I Found A Way". The song is written by Drake Bell and Michael Corcoran and performed by Bell. Bell can also be seen playing the song in a quick scene from an episode in the first season. The song can also be found on the series' official soundtrack, Drake & Josh: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show, and on Drake Bell's albums, Telegraph and It's Only Time.

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