Eddie Kendricks

American singer and songwriter, member of The Temptations (1939-1992)

Eddie Kendricks (born Edward James Kendrick, December 17, 1939October 5, 1992) was an American singer-songwriter. Known for his falsetto singing style, Kendricks co-founded the Motown singing group The Temptations. He was its lead singers from 1960 to 1971. As a solo artist, Kendricks recorded several hits of his own during the 1970s, including the number-one single "Keep On Truckin'".

Early life change

Edward James Kendrick was born in Union Springs, Alabama. His family later moved to Birmingham, where he met and began singing with his best friend Paul Williams in their church choir in the late 1940s.

Career change

In 1955, Kendricks, Williams, and their friends Kel Osbourne and Willie Waller formed a doo-wop group called The Cavaliers, and began performing in Birmingham. The group decided to move in search of better opportunities in their musical careers, and in 1957 Kendricks, Williams, and Osbourne moved to Cleveland, Ohio, with Waller staying in Alabama. In Cleveland, they met manager Milton Jenkins, and soon moved with Jenkins to Detroit, Michigan, where the Cavaliers renamed themselves The Primes. Under Jenkins' guidance, the Primes did well for themselves in the Detroit area, eventually creating an all-female spin off group called The Primettes (later The Supremes). In 1961, Osbourne moved to California, and the Primes disbanded. Kendricks and Paul Williams joined forces with members of The Distants to become The Elgins, who signed to Motown that same year as The Temptations.