Edith Wilmans

Edith Wilmans ( December 21, 1882 - March 21, 1966) was a politician. She helped lead in the Democratic party, fighting for women’s rights. Wilmans was born in Louisiana as Edith Eunice Therrel. She was married in 1900 to Hall Wilmans, and later they had three daughters. Wilmans first started fighting for women’s rights when she undertook organizing a Dallas organization for women’s rights. In 1918 Wilmans decided she wanted to become a lawyer to help women’s voting rights.  She then got a job for the Texas legislature in 1923, three years after the 19th amendment was passed. During her time on the job, she was part of the office that passed laws to give more money to schools in Dallas. In 1925 she was asked by Pat M. Neff to be part of state Supreme Court. She then later left because she didn't have the training to be on the court.[1]


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