low mountain range in Germany

The Eifel is a mountain range mostly in Germany. The northern part is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The southern part is in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Location of the Eifel
Map of the Eifel
Eifel landscape: the Ernstberg and surroundings

The very eastern part of Belgium (the High Fens and most of the German-speaking Community of Belgium) and the northern part of Luxembourg (the Oesling) are considered to be both parts of the Ardennes and parts of the Eifel.

The western border of the Eifel is at the Belgian and Luxembourgian Ardennes. The eastern border is at the Westerwald across the Rhine River. The southern border is at the Hunsrück across the Moselle River. The northern border is at the lower regions of the Rhineland.

Characteristics change

The Eifel has hills up to about 700 metres (2,300 feet). They are made of slate and other stones. The highest hill is the Hohe Acht with an altitude of 747 metres (2,451 feet).

Few people live in the mountain range. It has many trees, reservoirs and rivers.

The biggest settlement is the city of Aachen at the northern edge.

Because of its elevation, temperatures are low.

Division change

The Eifel is divided into:

  • West Eifel (Westeifel): western part, partly in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • East Eifel (Osteifel): central and eastern part
  • Venn Foreland (Vennvorland): in the very northwest (around Aachen)

Language change

Languages spoken in the Eifel are German, and in the Belgian and Luxembourgian parts besides German also French.

Three Central Franconian dialects of German are spoken in the Eifel: