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Euro disco

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Euro disco is a form of disco-based dance music which originated in the late-1970s in Europe, as a more European variant of disco music. Euro disco was based on disco music, yet it was a more encompassing genre which borrowed influences from pop, rock and New Wave music. In such a way, it was more pop-friendly and less "gritty" than regular disco music.[1] It often included synthesizers within its composition.

Euro disco
Stylistic originsDisco
New Wave
Typical instrumentsElectric guitar, synthesizer, drums, keyboard, piano, bass guitar
Mainstream popularity1970s onwards, mainly Europe
Derivative formsEurodance
Other topics
Disco, post-disco

Euro disco, as the term suggests, was popular in Europe. Nevertheless, it also achieved popularity in the United States through artists such as Donna Summer.[1] Some regard Kraftwerk as the first Euro disco group. Furthermore, Giorgio Moroder was also a major force within the Euro disco scene.[1]