group of music genres; music movement

The word "post-disco" refers to late 1970s and early 1980s music and movement of disco music. It has electronic/funk influenced (affected) sounds. Post-disco was invented by DJs and music producers in USA and the UK.

Post-disco music is similar to disco, however, is far more experimental and electronic based. Often composed by DJs or producers, it keeps many of disco's original characteristics, yet, it often incorporates synthesizers or sequencers within its composition.

Post-disco music is a little bit rare, hard-to-find songs can be found for example in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on fictional radio station Paradise FM.

However, post-disco impact can be heard in styles like house, techno, electro, crunk, dance-rock, italo-disco or dance-pop.

Post-disco artists include Kashif, Mtume, Unlimited Touch, Kurtis Blow, Patrice Rushen.

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