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Field can mean:

  • an area of land in a farm, which may be used for crops or animals; also a meadow or area that is empty of trees, and has mostly grass.
  • in computing, a field is an item/category of data, e.g. first name; a field contains data about one aspect of the table, e.g. a field can contain all of the first names of a table. An individual entry in a field, e.g. Anna for the first name field, is called a field value. A record contains all of the field values about a particular subject, such as an employee.
  • field of vision, the area in sight of a person.
  • in mathematics, a certain kind of algebraic structure: field (mathematics)
  • in physics, a field is seen as extending throughout a large region of space so that it influences everything: field (physics).
  • magnetic field, the area around a magnet in which there is magnetic force