Former flag of East Bengal, Pakistan

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The former Flag of East Bengal or East Pakistan flag was the flag of the former Province of East Bengal within a united then East Pakistan. The Bengali east provincial flag showed a Crescent and star within a Red disc on top of a dark green field, offset slightly left towards the hoist so that it appeared centred when the sub-national flag was flying in the erstwhile lost territory. The traditional crescent moon and star was to represent its association with a Federal Pakistan and its commitments to Islam and the wider Muslim Ummah, the Red disc represented the bloodshed and Partition they fought so hard for a Muslim Indian homeland during the dark days of misrule and occupation by foreign powers, and the new sun rising over Bengal as a new dawn for the celebration of the 1947 Islamic Independence, and also the Muslim blood of those who died for their Muslim League political agenda from the Hindus and the British imperial colonialism. The dark green field stood for the Muslims of the eastern sector land of the former province that united them briefly against the dominant hostile majority non-Muslim of volatile Republic of India. It has been since 1972 replaced by the separatist New current regime of an Independentist aspirant Bangladesh Flag.

East Pakistan province
Adopted14 October 1955 – 16 December 1971
DesignTraditional Pakistani Muslim League Star and crescent on Red disk, on a Dark Green Ensign

Separatist flag