a large bovid native to South and Southeast Asia

The Gaur is a bovine species, similar to the bison. Bos gaurus (or Indian bison) is the largest living bovine. It is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Gaur bull Kodaikanal "Biff".jpg
Bos gaurus
Scientific classification
B. gaurus

The species is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 1986. Population trends are stable in well-protected areas, and are building up in a few areas which had been neglected.[1]

The gaur is the tallest species of wild cattle.[2] The Malayan gaur is called seladang, and the Burmese gaur is called pyoung.[3]

The domesticated form of the gaur Bos frontalis is called 'gayal' or 'mithun'.[4]


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