Golan Heights

Syrian territory occupied by Israel, annexed in 1981

The Golan Heights is a plateau and a disputed land between Syria and Israel, which captured the area in the Six Day War of 1967.[6] The United Nations has voted to ask Israel to pull its troops out of the Golan Heights.[7] Syria and Israel still have not signed a peace treaty from that war, mostly because of the issue of the Golan. They almost reached a peace deal but they could not agree on where to draw the line, and what Syria would have to do in return.[8] The Golan Heights and Mount Hermon was annexed by Israel in 1981. On the western edge of the Golan Heights is a range of dormant and extinct volcanos.

Golan Heights
هضبة الجولان
רמת הגולן
Location of the Golan Heights
Location of the Golan Heights
Coordinates: 32°58′54″N 35°44′58″E / 32.98167°N 35.74944°E / 32.98167; 35.74944
StatusInternationally recognized as Syrian territory occupied by Israel;[note 1]
see Status of the Golan Heights.
 • Total1,800 km2 (700 sq mi)
 • Occupied by Israel1,200 km2 (500 sq mi)
 • Controlled by Syrian Arab Republic (including de jure 235 km2 (91 sq mi) UNDOF control zone)600 km2 (200 sq mi)
Highest elevation
2,814 m (9,232 ft)
Lowest elevation
−212 m (−696 ft)
of Israeli-occupied area.[3][4][5]
 • Total40,000–49,700
 • Arabs
 • Israeli Jewish settlers
Time zoneUTC+2
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3

In January 2013, the Israeli government said it planned to build a wall along the eastern edges of the Golan Heights, on its ceasefire line with Syria.[9]

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  1. The United States recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan in March 2019. The US is the first country to recognize the Golan as Israeli territory, while the rest of the international community still considers it Syrian territory occupied by Israel[1][2]

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