Greene County Viaduct

bridge in Greene County, Indiana
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The Greene County Viaduct is a 0.5 miles (0.80 km) long train bridge in Greene County, Indiana,US. It is about 21.75 miles (35.00 km) from Bloomington between Solsberry and Tulip. It is officially known as Bridge X75-6 and also known as the Richland Creek Viaduct and the Tulip Trestle. Work on the bridge started on May 22, 1905. The ground breaking ceremony was led by Joe Moss. It was finished in December of 1906. The bridge is the third longest bridge of its kind in the world. It has 18 towers for support. The original cost of the bridge was $246,504. It was estimated to be around $20 million in 2004 dollars. Two 45 foot sections were added to the bridge in 1916. Other than that, the bridge is as it was when it was originally constructed.

The bridge was built by the Indianapolis Southern Railway and successor Indianapolis Southern Railroad. That company became a part of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1911. It is now part of the Indianapolis-Newton, Illinois line of the Indiana Rail Road.


Greene County Viaduct

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