Grill (cooking)

device for barbecueing or grilling
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A grill is an object used for cooking food. With a grill, food is usually roasted. Some grills use charcoal or wood, and other grills use propane gas to cook the food.

Grilled cajon shrimp

Using wood or charcoal makes smoke and changes the flavor of the food.[1] Using gas does not. Some people only like one type, and some people like both kinds of grilling.

The heat may be added underneath the food, or above, or both. A barbecue is a typical machine for outdoor cooking using coke or other fuel for providing heat from underneath. Overhead grilling is more usual indoors, especially in professional kitchens.

In the United States, there are cook-off grills, which are competitions. The most common meats used are steak, burgers and hot dogs. Grilling food is very common for holidays or celebrations like the 4th of July (United States Independence Day). Most people use a grill more outdoors in the summer time.

Grills can have fire touching the food. This might cause a burnt taste and could possibly be a carcinogen.[2]



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