Joint List

electoral alliance of three or four Arab-dominated Israeli political parties
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The Joint List (Arabic: القائمة المشتركة, al-Qa'imah al-Mushtarakah, Hebrew: הָרְשִׁימָה הַמְּשֻׁתֶּפֶת, HaReshima HaMeshutefet) was an Israeli political cooperation of four, mainly Arab parties, established in 2015.

Logo of the Joint List, in Arabic and Hebrew.

Its ideology depended on its members' ideology, but its common objective were the interests of the Arab Israelis.

Its political leader was Ayman Odeh (Hadash).

The group was founded in 2015 as a cooperation of Hadash (communist), Balad (social democratic, secular), Ra'am (Islamist), and Ta'al (right-wing centrist, secular). Especially the last three parties are fully Arab and anti-Zionist.

The Joint List was established to prevent the Arab parties from disappearing from the Knesset due to the raise of the election threshold (the minimum percentage of votes for a party to get one parliamentary seat), and also to support the Zionist Union in its effort to replace the third Netanyahu government.

The number of seats won by the Joint List in the 24th Knesset: 6 (Hadash: 3, Ta'al: 2, Balad: 1).

With Balad wanting to leave the coalition, it was later dissolved in 2022.[1]


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