Zionist Union

political alliance in Israel

The Zionist Union, Hebrew: המחנה הציוני‎‎ - HaMahaneh HaTziyoni, literally meaning The Zionist Camp, was an Israeli political cooperation. Its ideology is left-wing centrist, and Zionist.

Logo of the Zionist Union

The Zionist Union was formed in 2014 as a cooperation of HaAvoda (Israeli Labor Party), HaTnu'a ("The Movement"), and HaTnu'a HaYeruqa ("The Green Movement") in an effort to prevent Likud continuing its governing position after the Knesset elections of 2015. Because its attempt was unsuccessful, party head Yitzhak Herzog became leader of the opposition. When Herzog left the Knesset in June 2018 to become head of the Jewish Agency for Israel,[1] he was replaced by Tzipi Livni.

There were two political leaders. The party head was Avi Gabbay (HaAvoda). As Gabbay was not a Knesset member, Tzipi Livni (HaTnu'a) leaded this faction in the Knesset.

Number of seats in the 20th Knesset: 24 (HaAvoda: 19, HaTnu'a: 4, HaTnu'a HaYeruqa 1).

The Zionist Union was dissolved in 2019.


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