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one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common
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The siblings are the sisters and brothers of a person.

Types of siblingsEdit

There are several different types of siblings.

  • Full-Siblings (brother, sister): These siblings have both the same father and mother and are the most common type of siblings.
  • Half-Siblings (half-brother, half-sister): These siblings have only one parent that is the same. They either have the same father or the same mother. Those with the same mother, but different father are called uterine siblings or maternal half-brothers/half-sisters and those with the same father, but different mother are called agnate siblings or paternal half-brothers/half sisters.
  • Step Siblings (stepbrother, stepsister): These siblings have different fathers and mothers, but one of their parents is married to a parent of the other one.
Example: John and Tom are step brothers because John's father is married to Tom's mother.
  • Three-quarter (3/4) Siblings: These siblings have one common parent, while their unshared parents have a mean consanguinity of 50%. This means that the unshared parents are either siblings or parent and child (similar terminology is used in horse breeding, where it occurs more frequently). Three-quarter siblings share more genes than half siblings, but fewer than full siblings.
  • Foster Siblings: These siblings are children who are raised in the same foster home, foster children of the person's parents, or foster parents' biological children.
  • Adoptive Siblings: These siblings have different fathers and mothers, but one of their parents adopts another child causing the children to be adoptive siblings. This works with more than 2 adoptive children or one biological child and an adoptive child. This is a variation of step siblings .
  • Siblings by breastfeeding: In Islam someone who is breast fed by a woman who is not their birth mother become siblings to the children of that woman if they are less than 2 years old and have been breastfed five times or more by that woman.
  • Incestial Siblings: They are two variants of this type which are incsetial Siblings and non-incestial which incestial Siblings are full siblings who are related due to Incest.
    • Already related siblings, but not incest: Are siblings who would've been related before the birth of the 2nd sibling, but due to the 2nd parent not being related to the relative it is not considered Incest.
Example: Would be if your mom had dated a dude and had a child with them, but broke up with them years later, then she dated his very distant cousin and had another child with them.

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