Halla Diyab

writer/TV Pundit

Dr. Halla Diyab (Arabic: هالة دياب) is a Libyan-born British[1] screenwriter, author,[2] producer, broadcaster,[3] and TV commentator.[4][5] She is also an author and analyst at The Jamestown Foundation[6] monthly subscription-based "Militant Leadership Monitor".[7] Diyab is a columnist at al-Arabiya English News,[8] writing on Syria,[9] ISIS[10] and Middle East political affairs.[11] She has also written several successful Arab soap operas[12] and produced several documentaries.[13][14] She worked as a TV presenter on Rotana Cinema TV Channel[15] as well as holding a regular guest spot on Egypt's Hala Sarhan Show.[16] Recently she hosted a weekly talk show from London on ANB TV[17] in London. She also hosted Syria on the Table TV[18] talk show series. Diyab was listed in Aliqtisadi Magazine as one of the most influential women in Syria for 2011.[19] She was profiled in the "Women Like Us" exhibition that celebrated inspirational Muslim women. She is also the Founder and the Director of Liberty Media Productions[20] which focuses on cross-cultural issues between Britain and the Middle East. Diyab is a public speaker who spoke at the House of Commons,[21] the Spectator Debate[22], Leicester National Interfaith Week,[23] Uniting for Peace[24] and London's Frontline Club.[25] As well as working in the British media, she has worked in Libya,[26] Egypt, Saudi Arabia,[27] and Syria and is an expert on the Middle East and Islamic culture.[28][29]

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