Hank Green

American author, vlogger, and science communicator

Hank Green (born May 5, 1980) is an American YouTuber, author, and musician. He is the younger brother of John Green.

Hank Green
Hank Green at VidCon 2014
William Henry Hank II

(1980-05-05) May 5, 1980 (age 43)
Occupation(s)YouTube vlogger, musician, entrepreneur, author
Katherine Green (m. 2006)
RelativesJohn Green (brother)

Personal life change

He lives with his wife Katherine Green, in Missoula, Montana. He was born in Alabama.

On May 19, 2023, Green announced that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.[1][2][3]

Web projects change

Hank and John have a YouTube channel called VlogBrothers. The brothers began the channel on January 1, 2007, when Hank made the channel's first video blog. Since then, Hank and John have been active on the channel, making videos back and forth. In the beginning of their channel's history, the videos were being made as a way to talk to each other without having to text. The two brothers made their goal to do this for a year, as a way to grow close to each other again, and called the project "Brotherhood 2.0."[4]

Once 2007 ended, the brother said that the Brotherhood 2.0 project would end, but that they would continue making video blogs on the channel.[5] Since then, the amount of fans of the channel, or as Hank and John call them, "Nerdfighters," have grown.[6]

In 2007, Hank and John started "Project 4 Awesome," a charity fundraiser that takes place every year through the internet.[7] Hank and John also started VidCon, a conference and convention held every year, beginning 2010.[8]

In 2011, YouTube gave the Greens funds to start two educational channels, Crash Course, and SciShow.[9] Hank hosts SciShow, which has videos on different science topics.[10] On Crash Course, Hank teaches viewers science subjects, and started with biology.[11]

In 2012, Hank made The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a present-day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, with producer Bernie Su.[12] The show put up its episodes on YouTube, in a vlog diary style. Hank was an executive producer and a writer on the show.[13] In 2013, the show won a Creative Arts Emmy Award in the "Interactive Media" category.[14]

Music career change

Hank started a record label called DFTBA Records with Alan Lastufka in 2008.[15]

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