Haut-Katanga Province

Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, originally due to be established when the country's new constitution was implemented in February 2009

Haut-Katanga is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[1] The capital is Lubumbashi.[2]

Location of Haut-Katanga
Coordinates: 11°40′S 27°29′E / 11.667°S 27.483°E / -11.667; 27.483Coordinates: 11°40′S 27°29′E / 11.667°S 27.483°E / -11.667; 27.483
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Largest cityLubumbashi
 • Total132,425 km2 (51,130 sq mi)
 (2006 est.)
 • Total3,960,945
 • Density30/km2 (77/sq mi)
Official languageFrench
National languageKiswahili

Before 2015 it was part of the Katanga Province.

Its territories are:


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