Heinz Sielmann

German zoologist

Heinz Sielmann (June 2, 1917 in Rheydt, Germany – October 6, 2006 in Munich) was a world famous wildlife photographer, zoologist and documentary filmmaker.

Heinz Sielmann was degree in Biology and specialized in Zoology, in 1940, at the Imperial Posen University (Poland).

His work includes award-winning movies like Lords of the Forest (better known in the USA under its title Masters of the Congo Jungle (1959), the English version narrated by Orson Welles, Galapagos - Dream Island in the Pacific (1962), Vanishing Wilderness, and The Mystery of Animal Behavior.

His series Expeditionen ins Tierreich (Expeditions into the Animal Kingdom) broadcast on national German Television from 1965 to 1991, made him well known in Germany.

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