region in the west of Saudi Arabia, containing Mecca and Medina

Hejaz is the western region of Saudi Arabia, stretching along the Red Sea (Sea of Hejaz). It extends from Taif in the south to Jordan in the north. There are four important cities in this region:

  • Jeddah is the largest city, in the middle of the Red Sea coast. Jeddah is the economic and tourism capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Mecca is the holy city for Muslims because of Al-Haram Mosque and Al-Kaaba. Muslims face this city when they pray, and millions go there every year for doing Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage.
  • Medina is the second most holy city, and was the first capital of Islam. This is where the Mosque Of Prophet Muhammad is and where the Prophet Muhammad lived. There are many monuments and historical places.
  • Taif is the youngest city. Taif is a tourist city in Saudi Arabia due to the cooler climate compared with the other cities. Hejaz has spiritual, cultural, economic and tourist importance.