opera by George Alexander Macfarren

Helvellyn is an English opera in four acts, music by George Alexander Macfarren and libretto by John Oxenford, after Salomon Mosenthal's play Der Sonnwendhof. It was first performed in London, on November 3, 1864.

Principal charactersEdit

Structure of operaEdit

  • Illustrated Overture

Act IEdit

  • What's that? (Steenie, Chorus)
  • While supper's getting ready - The sky with crimson (Steenie, Chorus)
  • You all are here (Mabel, Martin, Chorus)
  • A blessing on the harvest fall (Martin)
  • A blessing (Mabel, Martin)
  • Who comes yonder (Hannah, Mabel, Martin, Steenie, Chorus)
  • O Providence - When my ample store (Mabel)
  • Of all the trades (Hannah, Mabel, Martin, Steenie, Chorus)
  • Every thought (Hannah, Mabel, Martin, Steenie, Chorus)

Act IIEdit

  • For nearly a month (Luke)
  • Take this (Hannah, Luke)
  • Come here my pretty dear (Hannah, Luke, Chorus)
  • Harvest home (Chorus)
  • Well done brave hearths (Hannah, Martin)
  • Wear this flower and think of me (Martin)
  • Nay keep the flow'r - Here's a health to our worthy master (Hannah, Martin, Luke, Steenie, Chorus)
  • She's gone (Mabel, Martin)
  • Zooks this is a glorious place (Mabel, Martin, Luke)
  • She loves me (Martin)
  • She is my appointed fate (Mabel, Martin, Luke)

Act IIIEdit

  • Here you may lead a tranquil life (Chorus)
  • Here... I shall find repose - On my heart a weight (Hannah)
  • Yes there she sits (Martin)
  • The generous Mabel (Martin, Hannah)
  • Nay, Hannah - Oh Hannah, Hannah, Hannah speak (Martin)
  • How calm and bright (Hannah, Mabel, Martin, Luke, Steenie, Chorus)
  • The brightest hope, I ever cherish'd (Hannah, Mabel)

Act IVEdit

  • Entr'acte
  • Wildly flies my spinning whell (Mabel)
  • Mistress - To Helvellyn poor i came (Mabel, Martin)
  • I have toil'd up the hill - I watch'd him (Steenie, Hannah, Luke, Mabel, Chorus)


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