second largest island in Estonia

Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia. It is part of the West Estonian archipelago, in the Baltic Sea. It has an area of 989 km2 and is 22 km from the Estonian mainland. Its largest town is Kärdla. It is in Hiiu County.[2][3]

Tahkuna peninsula is the northernmost part of Hiiumaa
LocationBaltic Sea
Coordinates58°53′03″N 22°38′40″E / 58.88417°N 22.64444°E / 58.88417; 22.64444
ArchipelagoWest Estonian archipelago
Area989 km2 (382 sq mi)
Highest elevation68 m (223 ft)
Highest pointTornimägi
County, parishHiiu County, Hiiumaa Parish
Largest settlementKärdla (pop. 3,287 [as of 1 January 2012][1])
Population9,558 (2019)
Pop. density9.1/km2 (23.6/sq mi)

Elk, red deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes, lynxes and martens. Wolves have started to come back to the island after being made locally extinct.[4] Minks were also reintroduced in 2000. The bird species found on the island include black storks, golden eagles, cranes, avocets and swans.


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