Hiiu County

county of Estonia

Hiiu County (Estonian: Hiiu maakond) is one of the 15 counties of Estonia. It is the smallest county both in terms of area and population. It is made up of Hiiumaa, the second-largest island of Estonia, and several smaller islands near it.

Hiiu County
Flag of Hiiu County
Coat of arms of Hiiu County
Location of Hiiu County
Coordinates: 58°50′N 22°40′E / 58.833°N 22.667°E / 58.833; 22.667Coordinates: 58°50′N 22°40′E / 58.833°N 22.667°E / 58.833; 22.667
 • GovernorRiho Rahuoja
 • Total1,023 km2 (395 sq mi)
 • Total10,097
 • Density9.9/km2 (26/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeEE-39

Municipalities Edit

The county has 1 rural municipality - Hiiumaa Parish. The only urban settlement, Kärdla, is part of the parish since 2017.

References Edit

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