History (TV channel)

US-based international satellite and cable TV channel
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History is an international satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts historical programs, both fictional and non-fictional. The TV channel is available in many countries. It is seen by more than 80 million households. Because it shows a lot of programs on World War II, it has been jokingly called "The Hitler Channel".[1] It also broadcast programs that try to foretell the future. The History Channel was started by A&E Television Networks on January 1, 1995.[2] A&E Television Networks is a joint-venture between: [3]

  1. Hearst Corporation;
  2. Disney-ABC Television Group (the Walt Disney Company); and
  3. NBC Universal (General Electric).

On March 20, 2008, The History Channel dropped "The" and "Channel" from its name to become simply "History".[4]


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