Hong Kong Island

second largest island in Hong Kong
This is a map of Hong Kong. The green part is Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Island (Chinese: 香港島; Jyutping: hoeng1gong2dou2) is an island in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China. It is in the southern part of the region. Most of the city of Hong Kong was built on the island. Hong Kong Island is 80.40 km2 (31.04 sq mi) in size.

In 2008, 1,289,500 people lived on Hong Kong Island (16,390 people per square kilometre).[1] Years ago, when the British first took over Hong Kong Island, 3,000 people were living there in fishing villages. China officially gave the island to the United Kingdom in 1842. The British built a city on it, which they called the city of Victoria.

The northern part of the island has the southern shore of Victoria Harbour. This area is the historical, political, and economic centre of Hong Kong. The northern part of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are the central urban area of Hong Kong.

There are many famous places on the island, like the Peak and Ocean Park. There are places that are important to history and large shopping centres.

The island has mountain that people like to hike and climb.

Hong Kong Island Panorama from the Peak


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