ISO 4165

ISO standard

ISO 4165 is a standard adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It describes a double-pole DC connector to supply between 12 and 24 V DC at up to 12 amps to appliances in vehicles. It is similar in design to a cigar lighter receptacle, but is shorter and smaller in diameter. It was originally a standard fitting on all the German military vehicles during World War II.

Comparison of (L to R) two Powerlet plugs, one combination plug, and one cigar lighter plug

The current version of the standard is ISO 4165:2001[1]

Other namesEdit

Other names for this connector include:

  • BMW Accessory plug, used on BMW motorcycles
  • Powerlet connector, named after a firm that produces them
  • Hella plug or Merit plug, in Australia

At least one manufacturer sells a combination plug that combines a cigar lighter plug and a Powerlet plug.


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