ITV Channel Television

British television station

ITV Channel Television previously known as Channel Television, is a British television station which has been serving the Channel Islands since the station launched in 1962. The company is based in Jersey and shows regional programmes for the ITV network. Until November 2011, Channel Television was one of four ITV companies that was not owned by ITV plc with the two STV regions in Scotland and UTV in Northern Ireland. Since 2012, ITV plc has owned the station and the broadcasting licence was moved to ITV Broadcasting Limited in March 2017.

ITV Channel Television
United Kingdom
First air date
1 September 1962
TV transmittersFremont Point
HeadquartersSt Helier, Jersey
Broadcast area
Channel Islands
OwnerITV plc
Former names
Channel Television (1962-2011)
Picture format
16:9 576i
Official website





Channel Television was awarded the licence for the Channel Islands in 1960 by the regulator at the time, the Independent Television Authority (ITA).[1] The ITA pointed out the Television Act 1954 that started ITV and the ITA did not include the Channel Islands, and if the ITA was to have an ITV service there, it would require an extension of the act with an Order in Council.[2] The station also faced difficulty with connecting to the rest of the ITV network. The solution was to create a relay station on the island of Alderney that would connect with another ITV station, originally Westward Television. The station also had issues getting permission for the mast but they gained permission in September 1961.[1]


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