Illegal logging

harvest, transportation, purchase, or sale of timber in violation of laws

Illegal logging is the name for different practices for the sale of timber in ways that break the laws of a country. This includes harvesting, which may be illegal and it includes the transport and sale of timber as well. It is an important problem to be solved. Illegal logging may include logging tree species which are protected by law, or logging them in places where it is forbidden. Illegal logging is a major factor in deforestation. It also threatens many species, because illegal logging may destroy their habitat.

It is estimated that illegal logging on public land alone causes US$10 billion in loss of assets and revenue annually.[1] Good estimates show that more than half of the logging that is done globally is illegal.[2]



Illegal logging is a very big problem. It causes huge damage to forests, local communities, and the economies of many countries. The EU has implemented the European Union Timber Regulation as a way to stop the import of illegally sourced wood products. Scientists are finding new ways to find out where a tree came from.[3]



Illegal logging leads to deforestation which leads to global warming. It also causes loss of biodiversity. Illegal logging encourages corruption and tax evasion. It also reduces the income small and large scale industries.


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