Incarnations of Leimarel Sidabi

Leimarel Sidabi (Meitei: ꯂꯩꯃꯔꯦꯜ ꯁꯤꯗꯕꯤ), the supreme mother earth goddess in Meitei religion (Sanamahism), is best known for having multiple incarnations in the creation mythology.[1]


Here is the list in the alphabetical order:


Leinaotabi (Meitei: ꯂꯩꯅꯥꯎꯇꯥꯕꯤ), the youngest consort of Thongalel, the ruler of the netherworld, is a divine form of Leimarel Sidabi.[2]

Nongthang LeimaEdit

Nongthang Leima (Meitei: ꯅꯣꯡꯊꯥꯡ ꯂꯩꯃ), the goddess of seduction, thunder and lightning,[3] is a divine form, reincarnated by Leimarel.[4]


Panthoibi (Meitei: ꯄꯥꯟꯊꯣꯢꯕꯤ), the goddess of agricultural fertility,[5] war and love, is a divine form of Leimarel Sidabi.[6]


Phouleima (Meitei: ꯐꯧꯂꯩꯃ), also known as Phouoibi (Meitei: ꯐꯧꯑꯣꯢꯕꯤ), the goddess of crops,[7] is also an incarnation of Leimarel Sidabi.[8]


Moirang Thoibi (Meitei: ꯃꯣꯢꯔꯥꯡ ꯊꯣꯢꯕꯤ), the divine princess of Ancient Moirang kingdom, is one of the principal characters in the Moirang Shayon and the Moirang Kangleirol. She is also an incarnation of Leimarel.[9]