Indo-European people

speakers of Indo-European languages

Indo-Europeans are those who lived in eastern Europe and central Asia before they migrated to India. They descended from Africa.

Indo-Europeans are Bronze Age-speakers of Indo-European languages that had not yet split into language families we know today, like Centum and Satem dialects (speakers of languages predating Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Greek, Proto-Celtic, Proto-Italic, Proto-Germanic, Proto-Balto-Slavic etc.)

Speakers of Indo-European languages in historical times and nowadays often are not called by the name Indo-Europeans but with often by the name of their language family like: Anatolians, Tocharians, Aryans (Iranians, Indo-Aryans), Greeks, Celts, Italic peoples, Germanic peoples, Baltic peoples, Slavic peoples, Armenians, Albanians (or subdivisions of these groups).