The Super Inframan

1975 film by Hua Shan
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The Super Inframan or Chinese Superman, Infra-Man in United States, is a 1975 Hong Kong science fiction action fantasy superhero movie produced by Shaw Brothers in 1975. they released in United States for 1976 as English-dubbed version, Infra-Man by Joseph Brenner Associates. special effects done by Michio Mikami.

The Super Inframan (Infra-Man)
Directed byHua Shan
Written byKuang Ni
Produced byRunme Shaw
StarringDanny Lee
Wang Hsieh
Lin Wen-Wei
Terry Liu
Yuan Man-Tzu
Yang Chiang
CinematographyTadashi Nishimoto
Edited byChiang Hsing-Lung
Music byYung-Yu Chen
Shaw Brothers Studio
Distributed byShaw Brothers Studio
Joseph Brenner Associates (US, 1976)
Release dates
  • 1 August 1975 (1975-08-01) (Hong Kong)
  • 11 September 1976 (1976-09-11) (United States)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Plot change

in August 11, 1974, Hong Kong, Princess Dragon Mom is awaken in middle of hundreds of years ago taken from the earth to destruction by was the whole army mutated-monsters by herself. Reima transformed to a bionically-superhuman known as Inframan to fight evil beings and save the world.

Cast change

  • Danny Lee - Reima/Infra-Man (Peter Fernandez, voice)
  • Bruce Le - Sargeant Liu (Roddy McDowall, voice)
  • Terry Liu - Princess Dragon Mom (Janet Waldo, voice)
  • Hsiei Wang - Professor Liu (Don Messick, voice)
  • Dana - She-Demon (Beverly D'Angelo, voice)
  • Yuan Man-Tzu - Professor's daughter (Maureen McCormick, voice)
  • Yang Chiang - Lieutenant (James Hong, voice)
  • Lin Wen-Wei - Chu Ming (Dwight Schultz, voice)
  • Fanny Leung - Lin-Lin (Susan Olsen, voice)
  • Lu Sheng - Xiao Hu (Brad Dourif, voice)
  • Kazunari Mori - Giant Beetle Monster (Peter Cullen, voice)
  • Toru Kawai - Driller Beast (Frank Welker, voice)

Additional voices of the 1976 English dub cast includes: Edie McClurg, Michael Bell, Melanie Chartoff, Lorenzo Music, Mitzi Mccall.

Release Dates change

  Canada November 12, 1976
  United States September 11, 1976
  Germany April 1, 1976
  Spain May 12, 1976
  France April 2, 1977
HK August 1, 1975
  Russia July 11, 1977
  Philippines December 12, 1976
  Italy August 12, 1977
  South Korea Septemeber 12, 1977
  Japan March 2, 1977

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