Irene Papas

Greek actress and singer (1929–2022)

Irene Papas (née Lelekou; 3 September 1929 – 14 September 2022) was a Greek musician and actress. She played the title character in the 1962 movie Elektra. She also had lots of other movies. She was born in Chiliomodi, Greece. She retired from acting in 2003.

Irene Papas 1971

Her birthyear is sometimes confused as 1926,[1][2] however, in an interview, Papas said she was born in 1929.[3]

Papas had a long love affair with American actor Marlon Brando.[4]

In 2013, it was revealed that Papas had Alzheimer's disease.[5] She died on 14 September 2022 in Chiliomodi at the age of 93.[2]


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