Jaffa Gate

one of seven open gates in Jerusalem's Old City walls

31°46′35.5″N 35°13′39.7″E / 31.776528°N 35.227694°E / 31.776528; 35.227694

The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David.

Jaffa Gate (Hebrew: שער יפו, Sha'ar Yafo; Arabic: باب الخليل, Bab el-Khalil, "Gate of the Friend"; also Bab Mihrab Daud, "Gate of the Prayer Niche of David"; also called David's Gate) is a stone archway in the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is along one of the main roads that connects the western part of the city to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount above him.

The plaza of the Jaffa Gate replaced a tall Roman pillar inside the Damascus Gate, which was used as the starting point for measurements to other cities in Palestine. It later became the starting point used to measure the distances to other countries. The Tower of David is a structure of the citadel, and is used today as the History of Jerusalem Museum.

The road fro Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall called once the Capital street.

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