James I, Count of La Marche

Count of Ponthieu and Count of La Marche

James I, Count of La Marche (1319 – 6 April 1362) was a French prince, the younger son of Louis I, Duke of Bourbon and the younger brother of Peter I, Duke of Bourbon.[1] He was killed in 1362 at the Battle of Brignais, during the Hundred Years' War between the House of Plantagenet (which ruled over England and parts of France) and the House of Valois (which ruled over most of France).[2] He was the father of John I, Count of La Marche, who married Catherine of Vendome and together had a son named Louis, Count of Vendome.[1] James is also the male-line ancestor of Henry IV of France, the first French King from the House of Bourbon.[1]

James I, Count of La Marche.

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