Louis I, Duke of Bourbon

French prince

Louis I, Duke of Bourbon (c. 1270 – c. 1342) was a French prince, the son of Robert, Count of Clermont and Beatrice (Beatrix) of Bourbon and the grandson of Louis IX of France.[1][2] The House of Bourbon is descended from him in the male line through his younger son Jacques I, Count of La Marche.[2]

Louis I, Duke of Bourbon.


He took part in several military campaigns, including those at Courtrai (1302) and Mons-en-Pévèle (1304), and two times was put in charge of proposed crusades that never actually occurred. He became the Grand Chamberlain of France in 1310 and became the Duke of Bourbon in 1327 thanks to Charles IV of France.[1] He had two sons, Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, and Jacques I, Count of La Marche, from whom the later French Kings from the House of Bourbon (starting from Henry IV of France in 1589) descend in the male line.[2]


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