Jaws: The Revenge

1987 film directed by Joseph Sargent

Jaws: The Revenge (also called Jaws 4: The Revenge or simply known as Jaws 4) is a 1987 horror movie. The movie was directed by Joseph Sargent.[1] It is the third and final sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws. Jaws: The Revenge was shot on location in New England and in the Bahamas, and completed on the Universal lot. Like the first two films, Martha's Vineyard was the location of the fictional Amity Island for the opening scenes.[1] Although preceded by Jaws 3-D, The Revenge ignores plot elements introduced in that film. Jaws: The Revenge earned the least amount of money in the series. It was considered a bad film by critics.[1] It received 0% rating on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.[2] It was nominated for seven Razzie Awards. This included a worst actor award for "Bruce the shark".[3]


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