Jenni Williams

Zimababwean activist

Jennifer Louise "Jenni" Williams is an activist from Zimbabwe. She started the organization WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise) to protest the Zimbabwe government. In 2007 she received an International Women of Courage Award.

Jenni Williams in 2009.


Willimas has an Irish grandfather and a Matabele grandmother. When she was sixteen years old, she left school to take care of her brothers and sisters.


From 1994 to 2002 Williams was head of a public relations company.[1]

In 2003 Williams started WOZA to work for women's rights and government reform. [2] By 2009, she had been in prison more than 50 times. [1]


  • International Women of Courage Award (2007)[3]
  • Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award (2009)[1]
  • Ginetta Sagan award (2012) [4]


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