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The Irish are an ethnic group who come from or came from the island of Ireland. There are two countries on the island of Ireland: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Historically, the Irish have been primarily a Celtic people. Many countries, especially English-speaking countries, have people with Irish roots.

Total population
(85,000,000 (est.))
Regions with significant populations

 United States:   

  • Irish ancestry: 34,487,790
  • Scots-Irish ancestry: 5,323,888 (estimates suggest that the true number of Scots-Irish in the USA is more in the region of 27 million, [1] as most Scots-Irish appear to have chosen the "American" ethnic group in the 2000 census.)

   5,081,726 Ireland-born
 Great Britain :   

  • Irish-born: 794,000
  • An estimated 6,000,000 have at least one Irish grandparent:   

 Canada :
 Australia :
 Argentina :
 New Zealand [2]:
   11,199 est.

 Germany :
Irish, English, Ulster Scots, Shelta
Roman Catholic (majority), Protestantism, and other Christian faiths.
Related ethnic groups
Bretons, Cornish, English, Manx, Scottish, Ulster-Scots, Welsh, Basque, Galicians

In Northern Ireland, there have been violent fights between the Unionists, who identify as British and are mainly Protestant, and the Nationalists, who identify as Irish and are mainly Catholic. Irish people have a strong culture and beliefs.

Due to problems in Ireland, most importantly a famine between 1845 and 1852, caused by the potatoes in Ireland being destroyed by disease, many Irish moved out of Ireland and to other countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. At present, many more Irish live in the United States than in Ireland, with many of them living in large American cities such as Boston, New York, and Chicago.