Jun Kazama

character in Tekken

Jun Kazama is a video game fictional character made for the Tekken series.

Jun Kazama
Tekken character
First appearanceTekken 2 (1996)
Last appearanceTekken Revolution (2013)
Created bySeiichi Ishii
Portrayed byTamlyn Tomita (live-action film)
Voiced by
  • English
  • Edi Patterson (Tekken: The Motion Picture)
  • Lucy Farris (Tekken: The Motion Picture) (young)
  • Japanese
  • Shiho Kikuchi (Tekken 2, Tekken Tag Tournament)
  • Yumi Tōma (Tekken: The Motion Picture)
  • Eri Sendai (Tekken: The Motion Picture) (young)
  • Yūko Sasaki (Japanese dub of the Tekken film)
  • Mamiko Noto (since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - onwards)
OccupationWildlife organization officer
ChildrenJin Kazama

About change

Jun Kazama enters the tournament in order to save Kazuya Mishima and stop his crimes. However, she became pregnant by him and had a son, Jin Kazama.

She also appears in the Tekken movie (2009) where she was portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita.

Life change

Tekken 2 change

Jun is an officer of the WWWC, a wildlife protection organization. She is called "The Chosen One" by her family. She is psychic and feels a weird power in Kazuya Mishima, which is the Devil Gene turning him into a devil version of himself. At the WWWC's orders, she goes out to put Kazuya into jail, who kills peaceful animals.

When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 was about to end, Jun feels an even more powerful Devil Gene inside Kazuya.

Tekken 3 change

During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, Jun became pregnant by Kazuya. Devil (the devil version of Kazuya/the Devil Gene inside Kazuya) goes into Jin (Jun's unborn baby). One night, Jun gets attacked by Ogre and now is either missing or possibly dead.

Tekken Tag Tournament change

Jun is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament.

Tekken Tag Tournament has nothing to do with the Tekken storyline.

Tekken 4 change

In Tekken 4, her figure appeared in the ending of Jin to prevent him from killing his grandfather, Heihachi. Whether it was her soul or Jin's vision is still questionable, since her status is labeled as missing.

Tekken 5 change

In the optional Devil Within minigame, Jin finds clues that lead him to believe that Jun is alive, but it turns out to be Ogre, the alien opponent that is responsible for Jun's disappearance.

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