Tekken Tag Tournament

2000 video game

Tekken Tag Tournament is an update to Tekken 3. It has most of the characters from the past games. It was released for PlayStation 2 in 2000.

Story Edit

The game does not have a story, but it is considered non-canonical.

Characters Edit

Marshall Law, the Jack robot from the original Tekken game, King, Kuma, Doctor Boskonovitch and Gon, (the manga character who appeared in the PlayStation version of Tekken 3) were excluded as characters in Tekken Tag Tournament. However, Doctor Boskonovitch makes a cameo in the Tekken Bowling minigame.

Returning characters Edit

New characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If the player chooses Kazuya and Devil on the same Tag Team, Kazuya will transform into Devil (and vice-versa) instead of them tagging.
  • If Unknown and Devil are on the same team and Unknown is using Kazuya's moves, instead of tagging out, she will transform into Devil.