Kaira (Turkish: Kayra; Altai: Кайра, Ottoman Turkish: كايرا‎) is the king of the gods and ruler of the universe in Turkic and Altai mythologies. He is the god of creation and the creator of everything.

Kaira sits on the 17th floor of sky and determines the fate of the universe. He created the other gods. He existed before the creation of the universe. He planted a tree with nine boughes.[1] This tree connects the sky and earth and nine human races are descended from the tree. His sons are Ulgan, Kyzaghan and Mergen.[2]

In ancient Turkic beliefs, Kaira is a white goose that flies over an endless water. Ak Ana (white mother) appears and tells him to create. Kaira is the biggest and the strongest of all the gods. So he creates the earth.

The word (Kaira) means gracious or benevolent.

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