Ningthou Kangbalon

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The Ningthou Kangbalon (Old Manipuri: Ningthou Kangpalon) is an Ancient Meitei language historic text (PuYa), which presents a brief genealogy of the rulers of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak) in the pre Christian era.[1] According to the manuscript, King Ningthou Kangba (Old Manipuri: Ningthou Kangpa) had nine sons, Koikoi, Teima, Yangma, Tesrot, Urenkhuba, Urenhanba, Irem, Khabi and Langba. Teima became a Meitei. Yangma went to the West of Kangleipak (present day Manipur) and spread over to Mayang (Cachar and beyond). Tesrot went to Takhel (present day Tripura) and became Takhel (Tripuri). Urenkhuba spread over as a people of Ancient Moirang, Irem went to the North and became Pasa. Khabi/Khaba went to the east and became a part of Chinese people. Langba went to the South and spread over his descendants. The name of Manipur was "Tilli Koktong Leikoilel" during the period of Ningthou Kangba.[1]

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