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Kaohsiung City (Traditional Chinese: 高雄市, Hanyu Pinyin: Gāoxióng, Tongyong Pinyin: Gaosyóng, POJ: Ko-hiông; coordinates 22°38'N, 120°16'E) is the third largest city of Taiwan, after New Taipei City and Taichung City, and the main city in Southern Taiwan.

Flag of Kaohsiung
Official seal of Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung in the Taiwan islands
Kaohsiung in the Taiwan islands
Coordinates: 22°38′N 120°16′E / 22.633°N 120.267°E / 22.633; 120.267
Country Taiwan
 • MayorChen Chi-mai
 • Total2,948 km2 (1,138 sq mi)
 (December 31, 2020)
 • Total2,765,932
 • Density938.2/km2 (2,430/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+08:00
Postal code
Area code07
ISO 3166 codeTW-KHH
Address804, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Gushan District
WebsiteOfficial website
Kaohsiung City
"Kaohsiung" in Chinese characters
Chinese name
Literal meaningJapanese transcription of an old Siraya name
Japanese name



In 2014, 32 people were killed by a series of explosions. In 2021, 46 people were killed in a fire.



Kaohsiung is divided originally into 11 districts, after the administrative division's adjustment in 2010, the subdivisions of Kaohsiung has increased to 38 districts, most of them are added from the former county of Kaohsiung.

Chinese Name English Name Hanyu Pinyin Traditional Region
楠梓區 Nanzih District Nánzǐ Qū Kaohsiung
左營區 Zuoying District Zuǒyíng Qū Kaohsiung
三民區 Sanmin District Sānmín Qū Kaohsiung
鼓山區 Gushan District Gǔshān Qū Kaohsiung
鹽埕區 Yancheng District Yánchéng Qū Kaohsiung
前金區 Cianjin District Qiánjīn Qū Kaohsiung
新興區 Sinsing District Xīnxīng Qū Kaohsiung
苓雅區 Lingya District Língyǎ Qū Kaohsiung
前鎮區 Cianjhen District Qiánzhèn Qū Kaohsiung
旗津區 Cijin District Qíjīn Qū Kaohsiung
小港區 Siaogang District Xiǎogǎng Qū Kaohsiung/Fongshan
鳳山區 Fongshan District Fèngshān Qū Fongshan
大寮區 Daliao District Dàliáo Qū Fongshan
鳥松區 Niaosong District Niǎosōng Qū Fongshan
仁武區 Renwu District Rénwǔ Qū Fongshan
林園區 Linyuan District Línyuán Qū Fongshan
大樹區 Dashu District Dàshù Qū Fongshan
大社區 Dashe District Dàshè Qū Fongshan
岡山區 Gangshan District Gāngshān Qū Gangshan
路竹區 Lujhu District Lùzhú Qū Gangshan
橋頭區 Ciaotou District Qiáotóu Qū Gangshan
梓官區 Zihguan District Zǐguān Qū Gangshan
彌陀區 Mituo District Mítuó Qū Gangshan
永安區 Yong'an District Yǒngān Qū Gangshan
茄萣區 Cieding District Qiédìng Qū Gangshan
湖內區 Hunei District Húnèi Qū Gangshan
阿蓮區 Alian District Ālián Qū Gangshan
田寮區 Tianliao District Tiánliáo Qū Gangshan
燕巢區 Yanchao District Yàncháo Qū Gangshan
旗山區 Cishan District Qíshān Qū Cishan
美濃區 Meinong District Měinóng Qū Cishan
內門區 Neimen District Nèimén Qū Cishan
杉林區 Shanlin District Shānlín Qū Cishan
甲仙區 Jiasian District Jiǎxiān Qū Cishan
六龜區 Liouguei District Liùguī Qū Cishan
桃源區 Tauyuan District Táoyuán Qū Indigenous District
茂林區 Maolin District Màolín Qū Indigenous District
那瑪夏區 Namasia District Nàmǎxià Qū Indigenous District

Two islands in the South China Sea are governed by Kaohsiung City and is a part of Cijin District: