Kingdom of Sardinia

state in Southern Europe from 1324 to 1861

The Kingdom of Sardinia was a monarchy that ruled the Italian island of Sardinia. It was established in 1324. It was given to the House of Habsburg. They were eventually forced to give it to the House of Savoy. Since the House of Savoy also ruled Piedmont, the Kingdom was sometimes referred to as Sardinia-Piedmont. The Savoy family ruled from 1720 till 1861 when Italy officially united itself. Under the Savoy family, the capital of the state was Turin. The territory also included the city and surrounding land of Genoa. In Italian it was known as the Regno di Sardegna.

The location of the Kingdom as united with Piedmont outlooking its relation in modern Italy.
The arms of the kingdom while ruled by the Savoys.
Map showing Sardinia when it was part of the Aragonese Empire.
The flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The kingdom was originally made up of the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Sovereignty over both of those was claimed by the Popes. While under Spanish rule, the state was ruled by viceroys.

Notable monarchsEdit