Kira Muratova

Soviet and Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, film actress (1934—2018)

Kira Georgievna Muratova (Russian: Кира Георгиевна Муратова; Romanian: Kira Gueórguievna Muratova; Ukrainian: Кіра Георгіївна Мура́това; née Korotkova, 5 November 1934 – 6 June 2018[1][2]) was a Soviet-Russian[3][4][5][6] was a Ukrainian movie director, screenwriter and actress. She was known for her unusual directorial style. Her movies underwent a great deal of censorship in the Soviet Union.

Kira Muratova

People's Artist of Ukraine
Кіра Георгіївна Муратова
Kira Muratova in 2006
Born(1934-11-05)5 November 1934
Died6 June 2018(2018-06-06) (aged 83)
Odesa, Ukraine
Other namesKira Georgiyivna Korotkova
Occupation(s)Film director
Years active1961–2018

In 1994, she was awarded the Leopard of Honour for her life oeuvre at The Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland) and in 2000, she was given the Andrzej Wajda Freedom Award.


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