Queen of Ahom kingdom and Princess of Manipur kingdom

Kuranganayani, also known as "Shija Phongdalokpi" or Tekhao Leima, is an Assamese Queen, a Manipuri princess and a great patriot from Medieval Manipur. She is the chief Queen of King Swargadeo Rajeshwar Singha (Suremphaa) of Ahom kingdom and the daughter of King Gaurishyam of Manipur kingdom.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Tekhao Leima
BornShija Phongalokpi
Medieval Manipur kingdom
SpouseSuremphaa (Swargadeo Rajeshwar Singha)
HouseNingthouja dynasty
FatherGaurishyam (biological)
Bhagyachandra Jai Singh (foster)
ReligionManipuri Vaishnavism
OccupationQueen of Ahom Kingdom

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